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FAQ - Soul Candi Records / SCIM & F! Records

  • I want to be signed to Soul Candi / I want to be a Soul Candi DJ.

Soul Candi does not sign DJ’s so to speak, we work with artists so if you are a producer and have material to send us you can submit demo’s via the below link.

Please note that DJ mixes, bootlegs or content containing illegal samples will not be accepted in any form.

Demo’s can be submitted via

  • I’m a vocalist how do I get further?

Do you have a recording of your voice to submit as a demo? Please refer to point 1 for demo submission process .

  • Boston Pricing

For all your pricing requirement with updated changes as they happen - please visit

DJ Course info (CT+JHB) & Necessities
For all your information on courses and pricing - visit

  • I want a bursary

A letter of motivation needs to be sent to - Thereafter, an interview will be scheduled with the applicant.

  • How do I submit my demos?

Please refer to Question 1.

  • Do I need a matric certificate to enroll to the Soul Candi Institute of Music?

A minimum education level of Grade 10 is required for the Production Course Only.
All ages are welcome for the DJ Course.

  • I want to book a Soul Candi DJ or Artist for a event or club gig, who do i contact?

For all booking requests, please email

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