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• What’s your favourite place to play in the world?

• Where’s the best place you’ve ever eaten?
Really a cool restaurant in Copenhagen.

•Have you ever been to South Africa and what did you think? / What have you heard about South Africa and when are you coming?

Yes I have and it was wonderful. The gigs Chappell (singer of ‘Your Friend’ ) and I did there will stay in my memory always.
Such warm people, smiling faces, moving hips + impressive nature.

• If yes, what’s your fave South African venue?
I forgot the names but I do remember Spring Fiesta and a smaller party in Durban that was really dope.

• What track never leaves your “box” and can work pretty much anywhere in the world?

Para Voce
Can’t stop playing
Paris Luanda
On your Mark

Your Friend and Please me are different: you need a ‘trained’ crowd to enjoy them. The average EDM festival kid doesn’t get that.

• How do you like to start your sets (a vibe or a track)?
Depends on the vibe I feel in the club.

• Do you play any South African music and if so what?
At home we sometimes listen to Miriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie.
Recently I heard Black Motion’s album ‘Fortune Teller’. I think that’s pretty dope.

• What do you tend to do on aeroplanes?
Work, read a book or sleep.

• What is your fave track of the moment?
Hard to say, i play so many different styles, but to name a few:

Miguel O Syrah – Rhino
Diclosure – Omen (claptone rmx)
Hardwell – Eclipse (Chocolate puma mix)
ATRAK & Jamie Lidell – All fall down (CID rmx)