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What’s your favourite place to play in the world and why?
Well there are many runners up, but Johannesburg would have to be the winner. The love support and respect we receive from the deep house community in Johannesburg and Pretoria as well!, is life affirming as an artist. To know that what we do resonates with so many people is to have a dream fulfilled.

What’s your favourite city?

Its hard to say but having grown up in New York city I think cities that have infrastructures that support walking, mass transit, smaller business, boutique businesses…we’re predisposed to these types of cities…London, New York City Prague. Places where you can walk and eat and drink and keep walking…rub elbows with folks…those are the places.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever eaten?
We’ve eaten so many great places it’s hard to say. Many promoters we’ve worked with over the years have been very gracious and taken us to some fabulous places. We’ve had great weinerschnitzel in Vienna. Amazing noodles in Singapore. Super delicious spicy food in Jakarta and great traditional African food at Moyo!
One of my favorite meals though was when we finished a show and had to go straight to the airport and I hadn’t slept for about 36 hours. I was somehow upgraded last minute to 1st class from Tokyo to los Angeles. Hallelujah! The filet mignon on that flight was incredible. I don’t know if it was the food or if I was just enjoying the upgrade, but I’m not sure a steak has ever tasted so good.

Have you ever been to South Africa and what did you think? / What have you heard about South Africa and when are you coming?
We have been I think 7 times now? Over the past 8 years We’ve played in Joburg Pretoria Taung Capetown Mafeking Bloemfontein we have played in Maseru , Lesotho twice now as well.

If yes, what’s your fave South African venue?

We were in SA Dec 10- Jan 6 last year 2015-2016
Mary Fitzgerald square on New Year’s Eve was very exciting . Dec 28 DJ Nation’s annual bash was a blast as well. Maseru Vodacom Summa Feva was super exciting as well. 20k plus people. A very serious rush. Jozi Summershine was great too!

What track never leaves your “box” and can work pretty much anywhere in the world?
Well, as you probably know we are a fully live band… our tracks are in our arms and legs and voice boxes!
Our song “Fall In Love” is always a crowd favorite. we’ve heard voices sing the chorus along with us on every continent… except Antarctica…” I Might Do Something Wrong” “Don’t Hold Me Down” and “Home To You” always get the crowd amped as well.

How do you like to start your sets

Hopefully both. We might start a little slower or faster depending on the mood… more high energy or more mellow depending on what it feels like the crowd wants, or what might make a nice transition from what was being played right before we get on stage . Everything from the size of the venue to the time of night to the temperature of the drinks bring served might influence how the first notes get played…

Do you play any South African music and if so what?
Well…we perform all original music, but it’s safe to say some south African influence must be getting into our performance from being around and listening to south African styles.

What do you tend to do on aeroplanes?

Watch movies. Read. Maybe some beat programming on longer flights. Listen to language tutorials. Going to have to start learning some Zulu and Sesotho …

What is your fave track of the moment?

I think our favorite track to perform at the moment is the title track to our latest album “Hot For Your Love Tonight”
By another artist? : currently We’re really feeling At Jazz’s remix of Mi Casa’s “”La Vida. Beautiful stuff.