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#PioneersOfHouse: Abicah Soul

What’s your favourite place to play in the world and why?
Soundgarden ,Napoli. the scene is electric and people dance and not watch the dj.

What’s your favourite city?

Where’s the best place you’ve ever eaten?
Havana Grill,Cuban Food (Chicago)

Have you ever been to South Africa and what did you think? / What have you heard about South Africa and when are you coming?
Yes I love South Africa, it’s my second home,the experience and the culture,food,and music.
I’m making my return April 30th!

If yes, what’s your fave South African venue?
033 lifestyle one best venues to play in Pietermartisburg.
Music gets real there.

What track never leaves your “box” and can work pretty much anywhere in the world?
Ettience Jaumet ­Repeat After Me Again (Ame Mix)

How do you like to start your sets (a vibe or a track)?
I like to start with energy and give the crowd something epic.

Do you play any South African music and if so what?
A lot of Beebar, Cuebur for me!!!

What do you tend to do on aeroplanes?
Keep flying high.(Laughs)

What is your fave track of the moment?
Pig & Dan ­Growler (Killer Track)