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– You have a night packed with gigs – what do you have for dinner?

I usually don’t eat just before a gig. Can’t play music on a full stomach. But I do have dinner with enough time to go the hotel and relax a bit. In all the cities I go to there is usually an amazing restaurant or two we have the privilege to experience. That’s a wonderful perk of the business, you eat well around the world, most promoters know the best restaurants to have dinner at.

– What music do you listen to before you go out / on the way and why?

I listen to all kinds of music, all depends on the mood I’m in. It can be jazz, ambient, I like to keep calm before the storm. I work well under pressure and my sets can start in any way depending on how I feel at that moment and what might inspire me. So listening to some cool jazz keeps me tranquil, then we hit it!!
– Do you drive yourself or get an Uber / taxi?

I drive myself in New York City, I enjoy it. My favorite is after my Roots Nyc Night at Cielo when leave after saying goodbye to all my friends and drive home on the West Side Highway with a view of the Hudson River, New Jersey on the other side and then crossing the George Washington Bridge, windows open and all!! Its fun and good thinking while listening to some of the set from just a few hours before, its a different perspective than when I’m playing the set, visions in my head, and good vibes all the way home.

– What do you drink during the night?

I drink a special lemon juice, fizzed up, made by my favorite bartenders in the world, Mo and Monica at Cielo where I have my weekly Roots Nyc party.
I also drink Water and Juices.

– Your opening track is…

My opening track, wow that can be so many different pieces of music. Depends on where I’m playing, indoor, outdoor, the crowd. It can start downtempo, with a real mood that can set the tone. When Lighting is right and sound of course it can be something really special that sets the tone.

– Your closing track is… 

It all depends again where I am and the crowd I’m playing for. And most of all where I left it at before that last track. But I like to leave them with something they will remember or ring in their heads when they leave.

– What track do you always pack?

Maw Classics!

– The strangest track you’ve ever played is…

One of the strangest tracks but cool is “We Can Do It” by Brass Construction, has that quirky feel on the melody and the singers voice & melodic movement is strange in but feel good way.

– Do you prefer long or short sets and why?

I prefer long sets where I can really tell my story at that moment!

– What track always gets a great reaction?

Freedom Of Dance (It’s The Beat) – Brutha Louie & Brutha Basil

– CD, vinyl, USB or mix software and why?

always will love vinyl, such a real feel, warm. I do play vinyl sets 3-5 times a year at places in nyc or brooklyn.cds, I don’t play anymore. USBs are my way now, I have a 1 terrabyte small drive made by Samsung that can carry so much music, but only in wav files! Sound quality is top and its like having 4 large record collections. I set it up very comfortably so I know where all the songs are, there are hundreds maybe more! I can play for 3 weeks straight with all that music, lol.